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Creativity is the gate way to possibility. It opens our hearts and minds to the imagination and transforms the unthinkable into the possible. It connects where we separate and divide, it expands where we narrow down, it opens options and offers solutions when we are stuck in problems. The more creative we are in building spaces and not walls and in bringing diverse voices to the table to tackle common themes, the better our present and future can be.

Curtains Up! Spotlight On!

The whole world is a stage and we are all called upon to choose what role we want play. When we decide to hide our creative talents and tone down the brightness of our colours, we are not only depriving others from the greatness of who we are but we are mostly depriving ourselves from the possibility to grow. Because we can only grow together, when we are open to exposing our ideas, our arguments, our expertise not so that our voice prevails over the voice of others but so that our voice blends in with the others and together we create new harmonies.

This is what this space is about! Bringing people together from different disciplines, backgrounds, professions, lifting that curtain and putting the spotlight on our diverse colours, voices, experiences so we can better perform on the world’s stage as actors of change and transformation. Be open to experiment and discover! Wonderfully strange, unexpected and MAGICAL things happen when we do!

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Jumper day fundraising event


I first discovered Jumper Day in 2016 and was immediately hooked! Families and friends wearing their funny Christmas Jumpers and coming together to raise money for children is a brilliant idea! At the time I organised the first live music and fundraising event at the Voice Academy in Zurich, Switzerland, with a close network of friends and colleagues. Our team was called the Dream Makers Team and we took part of the UK Save the Children Jumper Day event.

In 2021 it will be different! It’s an event open to all who want to take part of it and it is in direct collaboration with Save The Children Switzerland!

We will have fund-raising activities, wish trees and live music!

Stay tuned for more information!

Portraits in Music.

What a wonderful event this was surrounded by art, art lovers and friends! Painting portraits with words and music is a great way of bringing art and music together and creating unique spaces of interaction and connection.

Accompanied by Matthias Horvath on guitar, I was delighted to perform at the opening of the art exhibition 7th HEAVEN curated by Christina Hiltscher in Wädenswil, Switzerland. Looking forward to the next one!

Here’s a video of the beginning of the performance, Portraits.

1929 – A woman with a Soul.

The story behind the song.

The 1920s are known as the roaring 20s and there are many good reasons for that including the fact that many women in the 20s were starting to ROAR and SOAR! Although they had not yet achieved the same level of rights as their male counterparts women were making the headlines! The 1929 illustration from Andrea Bressan clearly reflects those dynamic times as women from Amelia Earhart to Josephine Baker, from Dorothy Parker to Tamara de Lempicka, were coming out of their homes, proudly showing their talents and ambitions and shaping new gender identities. 

Most extraordinary amongst them was undoubtedly Virginia Woolf whose work inspired me to write this song. Her famous essay A Room of One’s Own was published in 1929 and it is the result of two lectures she gave in October 1928 at women’s constituent colleges at the University of Cambridge. This song wants to celebrate that pivotal moment for women and not only.

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Virginia Woolf’s work of genius pushed women to think beyond gender and encouraged them to become financially and intellectually independent. “Woman, what’s your excuse?”, she bravely and boldly wrote at the time. None, I would dare add. But it is easy to look at history with the eyes of today, it is much harder to understand it though as we are all critters of our times.

We owe a lot to our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers for having fought for the rights we now have today and that cannot be taken for granted. As much as we have made important leaps forward, in many parts of the world there is quite a long way to go as women are still considered to be “objects locked inside these see through closets, always absent, shadows on the wall”. This song is to encourage women to continue to ride on the “wings of freedom” and to give voice to their creative selves! 

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7 minutes.

The story behind the Song

7 MINUTES is a special song. I wrote it in 2012 and I performed it for the first time in 2013 at the LIDO in Lausanne, Switzerland in one of my unplugged concerts called PORTRAITS. I was not sure how people were going to react as it is quite an intense song! The repetitive ballad tempo and waltz type style give the illusion of  a soothing song but the story that unfolds is everything but soothing. I decided to take the chance anyway and play it. To my surprise the song connected with many people. It connected with too many people actually.

Abuse whether verbal, physical or psychological comes in many shapes and forms. It can be subtle, it can be visible, it can be disguised as love, or it can take the most   blatant and unapologetic form of punishment that the victim called upon herself. The sense of guilt and utter shame confuses roles and taints facts: who is the perpetrator, who is the victim? And what do you do when 7 Minutes devastate your life? 

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