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My albums and songs are theatrical in nature. They evoke stories and aspire to paint pictures with a mix of folk, rock and 80s pop style of music. Many legends have inspired my songwriting! From rock stars like Tina Turner, Chrissie Hynde and Deborah Harry, to voice goddesses like Barbra Streisand, Mina and Aretha Franklin, to rock bands like Toto, Queen, and everything in between, to pop phenomena like Madonna and Elton John! There is a bit of all of them in what I do  but after so many years of writing, I think I can say developed my own distinct signature!

the unfolding of my music story.

I have been writing songs ever since I was nine. That’s when I received my first guitar and started learning how to play classical music. After two years though it was clear that I didn’t have the inkling to continue on that path. Equally clear was that by that time I knew that music and writing had become an integral part of my life. They were my faithful companions. With a pen, paper, a guitar and a voice, I realised I could express myself differently and more creatively than by simply writing stories. This is what music gives us: a new language that one never fully masters but that constantly pushes you to explore.

Here’s the chronology of my untold story:

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My first studio recordings date back to 1993 when I had to prepare my first 3 singles for EMI Italy in Milano. I still remember my meeting with the A&R Executive at the time. He said there was something interesting about my style and asked me to come back with more songs. I never did.

In 1995 I started my corporate career in another country and I continued to write. As I was starting to earn a living, I could afford recording more than 3 songs so I recorded another 10 and I never released them.

In 1999 when I was working and living Portugal I was inspired to write a musical story which in 2004 became my first concept album, The Sounds of Freedom. That work took 5 years to complete: it travelled with me from Lisbon, to Bologna and was released in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Music travels far and the story wanted to be told, so this time I managed to publish it but I never promoted it!

In 2008 there I was back in another studio with another album concept, The Midnight Sun, which was released as well about 5 years later: this time it travelled from Neuchâtel, to Lausanne, New York. I was determined the album into a dance musical. I wrote the script, contacted a Theater Director in NY for a professional review, he encouraged me to continue and… I didn’t.

In the meantime I was singing in a corporate cover band, called Overtime! The repertoire ranged from Alannah Myles to Queen to Guns & Roses. Not bad for someone who always aspired to sing like Barbra Streisand. The power of the band and our live performances gave me the confidence I needed to get out of my shell. In 2013 I finally did my very first unplugged concert at the Lido in Lausanne.

In 2020 I went back to a recording studio with 5 new songs. I released the first single in March 2021, Here We Are. The others will be coming out soon!

The point of this long chronology is that we cannot hide from our deeply rooted passions, they are always there and will always be there for us. In time I learned to feel more and more at ease with the artistic side of me and sharing it with others. So here I am turning my dreams into reality and encouraging everyone to do the same. You’ll know when the time is right for you!


Timeline of projects


Cover Image EP - A Woman With A Soul

NEW EP : A woman with a SOUL.

It’s been a long time in the making but here it is, my new EP, A Woman With A Soul. Five songs including the single HERE WE ARE make up this new creative work. Although each song has its own story and sound, they are connected by the intimacy of the lyrics and the diversity of the topics!

To download the lyrics of  1929 – A WOMAN WITH A SOUL and 7 MINUTES just click on the links.



The Story Behind the Song and the Video.

HERE WE ARE is a statement more than a song and the video and picture are a testimony of that statement! It was a liberating moment to finally be able to publish the song after what has been a very complicated 18 months of gestation due to the restrictions imposed by the outburst of the pandemic and the overall situation. Few of us felt like celebrating. I, for sure, didn’t. There was very little to celebrate and there was a lot to be grateful for. I didn’t think it was the right moment to publish this song even if it was ready by end of October 2020.

Then things started to get better in 2021 or maybe it was simply the urge of wanting to live a normal human life again. Either way, I decided it was time to finally be able to say HERE WE ARE!  To celebrate the moment I created a small community project beginning of the year and asked my friends and fans whether they would want to dance with me virtually and take part of the video! What a FUN and truly AMAZING experience that was! I think many of us were ready to finally say Here we are, stars that come alive and shine! Here we are you and me!


The Midnight Sun.

features the Book of Illusions with illustrations from Antonio Carlos Soares

My 2nd album concept which to a great extent can be seen as the sequel to the first one, the Sounds of Freedom. From the magic world of dreams, children and lightheartedness, we enter the dark world of illusions and delusions, the dangerous flip side of what dreams and beliefs can become when they are imposed on others and transformed into obsessive and divisive dogmas.

The story is about how a community initially united around the same religious beliefs is suddenly torn apart by divisive internal factions that fight over the supremacy of their ideas and cults creating terror, fear and confusion which lead to war. In this dramatic scenario a young woman and man fall in love but find themselves belonging to opposite sides through no wish of their own. How can they fight each other when there is a much deeper connection that brings them together? How can they fight a war which is not theirs? Can love truly unite as opposed to divide? They will need to find out by putting their own lives and love at stake!



The Sounds of Freedom.

features the Book of Dreams with illustrations from Antonio Carlos Soares

This is my 1st album concept conceived in 1999 that took over 5 years to develop and produce! It is a mix of a fairytale and a wake up call to keep the child within us alive and well, nurture the imagination and pursue our dreams. It’s a story about a “little lonesome girl who longed to change the world with a dream in her heart and a song in her soul” and her friendship with a “sad boy” who lost his dreams on trees! Through their adventures they are able to prove to the world that dreams do exist and that they are more powerful than what we dare ourselves to believe. But not everyone sees it the same way!

The album in the meantime has turned into a theatrical work called Wish Upon A Dream with new unpublished songs and a new twist to the original story.


Official MUSIC

Paola Granati and Paola G are one and the same but some platforms do not allow to merge names and artist pages into one. So there are two of me you can enjoy following, with the most recent work being under my full name. Thank you for listening, following and supporting!

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